ITP does not discrimate when it strikes its next victim. It affects the young and old, rich and poor all over the world. Dealing with this blood disorder is no easy task. The fear and frustration of not knowing where the roller coaster will take us next can be daunting.

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Friday, December 14, 2012

This week's question is again from one of the ITP groups I am in.

We often discuss all the negative aspects of having a chronic disease but developing a positive attitude can be beneficial to our mental, psychological and physical health.

Today, I would like for everyone to list the positives of having ITP.

Some of the responses in the support group were:
     -- If I get Lupus, cancer or any other medical condition, it will be diagnosed earlier.

    -- I have met some wonderful people through medical services.

   -- Strengthen faith.

  -- Make me slow down and take care of my health.

  -- I've learned to live life to the fullest since I can't change things.

What are your thoughts? Has anything positive come out of having ITP. Please leave a comment. If you do not have a Google account, use the drop down box and use "Anonymous".


  1. Having been diagnosed with ITP allows me to be able to empathize, and not merely sympathize, with those who have been newly diagnosed. It also gives me the ability to show that life does not necessarily have to "end" simply because of the limitations the effects of ITP can leave with some survivors.

    Above everything, it makes me a "licensed" advocate to those who have survived this dreaded disease.

  2. Because of ITP I had my Spleen removed, and that is one less Organ I have to worry about going bad.!! LOL :)

    Stephanie O'Quinn

  3. Like Jay Jacinto, I've found that I have credibility to talk to those struggling with a medical condition. I've made some wonderful friendships with the hospital staff. It's given me gusto to enjoy life to the fullest. In a positive way, it's helped me to respect my limitations. It's helped me to be a better husband and father. My ITP has helped my children be aware and given them a care for those who are sick. I've also met many wonderful ITPers. While I would never choose ITP, I'm becoming more and more grateful for the gifts it continues to give me.

  4. Thank you Jay, Stephanie and Dave. Like you all, I have grown more aware of what a chronic disease can do to a person and I think I have become a better person for it.