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Monday, September 8, 2014

Something New For ITP Awareness

Last month, I was sitting here in my cluttered office debating on whether I should start cleaning this place up or do something else.

Cleaning is my least favorite activity so the "something else" option was open for any clever ideas that might pop into my head.

Earlier that day, one of our fellow ITPers, Tom Schilling, had asked about where to find decals his auto-racing buddies could put on their cars and equipment to promote ITP Awareness Month. PDSA had some decals but they were too small and custom-made decals were too expensive.

Ah ha, maybe I could make something with my handy-dandy program. That lead me to making several designs to put on various items in my Zazzle store and now I'd like to present my efforts to you.

I'm a firm believer that we need to spread the word about ITP Awareness, not only in September but all year round. So I made some coffee cups, tote bags, key chains and bumper stickers that would make great conversation starters in our quest to inform our friends and colleagues about our blood disorder.

 Take a look at the items I created and give me your thoughts, constructive criticism and any other ideas you may have on how I can accomplish my goal of "Spreading the Word."

I'm going to make more designs and try to add some T-shirts and posters to my Zazzle store as time goes on. 

Take a look, and see if there is anything you'd like to purchase. A portion of the royalties will go to PDSA.
Here are the links:

After you get to my home page, click on this icon to go to the ITP store: 

Thank you my friends and may you all have high platelets.
Happy ITP Awareness Month