ITP does not discrimate when it strikes its next victim. It affects the young and old, rich and poor all over the world. Dealing with this blood disorder is no easy task. The fear and frustration of not knowing where the roller coaster will take us next can be daunting.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hello, my fellow ITPers.

Below is an email I received this morning. It is directed to the parents of children diagnosed with ITP.  I'll leave it up to you to research MedQuery and decide if you want to participate.

I do not know the company or the person who sent the email. I am not endorsing this company and am not receiving any compensation for posting this on our blog. 

Hi Greta,
My name is Della and I work for a company called MedQuery based in Chicago, IL. MedQuery is a medical market research company and we are hired by pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies to conduct paid market research interviews and surveys for them. The reason I am reaching out to you is because we have a market research opportunity and I hoping your organization could help us reach the parents of children diagnosed with ITP. This is in no means a sales approach or solicitation. We are simply interested in hearing from the parents to understand the day to day impact this diagnosis has made on their child’s life/on their life and any areas of unmet needs whether it is referencing pharmaceuticals, educational information, support groups or even physician familiarity etc.
The interview would be a 60 minute telephone interview on the topic of Latest Developments for Chronic Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura. In appreciation for participating, we are paying respondents $150 and they would need to complete a short homework assignment 1 week prior to the interview. The interviews are being conducted from January 10th - January 24th so we are hoping you can send this out as soon as possible.
I was hoping you would be able to post this on your blog and if anyone is interested they can directly contact us at MedQuery. Please call Jackie, recruiting manager, at 312-241-1649 to see if you qualify to participate. WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP and we look forward to hearing from the blog members.
Thanks in advance!
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