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Friday, October 5, 2012

Showing Off Our Purple Spirit

September was ITP Awareness Month

What a blast we had spreading the word about ITP and showing off our Purple Spirit on the 28th (US) and 30th (UK). But it was not limited to just the US and UK. Around the world, ITPers have shown their support in spreading the word. For example. support groups through PDSA are being set up in Canada. In Germany, there was a ITP Awareness Day and as you will see in Muhammad Tahir's picture, World Platelet Day reached all the corners of the world. Wow, what great bunch of people spreading the word!

Lynda VanderBilt is the captain of our cheer leading squad so she will take our show from here.

Give me a P.......
Give me a L.......
Give me an A.....
Give me a T........
Give me an E......
Give me a L........
Give me another E
Give me a T.........

Give me a P...O....W...E...R

What have you got?


 Amy Sellers Hudson and her football pro, Branden

 Arnold Schwartz at the Cardio

 Caroline Burkat Hall in her purple pajama top

 Dale Paynter got his whole office in on the fun

 Elaine Twohig Odriscoll is pretty in purple

 Emily McTyre wearing her favorite purple shirt and holding her favorite little boy, grandson Josh

 Genevieve Kilianek created this beautiful bow

 Grandma, Avery and Brandy DeWitt

 Hayley Shimanek's Labs Cocoa and Diesel sport purple for platelets

 Jackie Fiamengo-Sunara and Darla got dressed up too

 Jay Jacinto sporting his 'got platelets' hat

 Jenn Briggs and Sugar

 Samuel Lollman didn't need to buy a purple shirt!

 Katybeth Jimenez looks good in purple

 Linda McGuirl, purple from head to toe

 Linda Eschen even color co-ordinated the wall to match her purple spirit

 Lisa Cassella and granddaughter Sophia sporting their purple

The purple highlights look great with Margie Doman's red hair

 Jaxen Ford was supported by his whole school

 Ros Bryan, our sassy Aussie

 Muhammad Tahir is a fighter, ITP cannot stop him!

Larry Lee sporting his GOT PLATELETS bracelet from PDSA

Kim Barthels Purple Platelet Power "I have ITP, but it doesn't have me! 21 years!

There were many more of us sporting purple for platelets, sorry I could not include everyone.

Just wait til next year!!!


  1. Greta...
    what a beautiful post ... would love to see you add a picture of yourself sporting purple for platelets too .... so please join us here on our page as we proudly wear purple ... xoxo

  2. Thank you Jackie,
    Yes I did wear purple but forgot to take a picture!!! Not very smart, huh?

  3. We spent 3 days tye dying purple shirts for platelets day. All aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents wore them & we had a huge family dinner to show our support for my daughter...they read sportin purple on front & for Cheyenne on back. Best part is her entire school k-12 participated & wore purple-it didn't hurt that it was homecoming & school colors are purple & gold...but that's our little secret lol

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