ITP does not discrimate when it strikes its next victim. It affects the young and old, rich and poor all over the world. Dealing with this blood disorder is no easy task. The fear and frustration of not knowing where the roller coaster will take us next can be daunting.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

September is ITP Awareness Month

September is ITP Awareness Month. Many of the members of the ITP and Me support group are truly in the spirit of showing off our purple for this month.

What can you do to help spread awareness? 

These suggestions are from PDSA website. (Platelet Disorder Support Association.)

• Write a letter to your congress person. A template is provided here.

• Contact your local media to be interviewed about ITP. A press release is provided here.

• Distribute PDSA Brochures to doctors' offices, pharmacies, hospitals, libraries.

• Attend a local support group meeting – bring a family member or friend. 
  See a list of support groups and meeting dates by clicking here.

• Participate in our 3rd National Walk/Run: Pump it up for Platelets ~ for a world free of ITP.
  See a list of participating sites by clicking here.

• Organize a walk or other fundraising event. For ideas, check out our “50 Ways to Fundraise”.

• Contact local civic clubs and offer to speak about your personal experience with ITP.

• Coordinate a display at a health fair, store, or hospital.

• Ask your city government to publicly acknowledge ITP Awareness MonthSM.

• Share information about ITP Awareness MonthSM with your contacts on Facebook, Twitter and other online sites.

 Download the ITP Awareness Ribbon and share on your pages or make your profile picture.

• Join PDSA or give a gift membership.  More information can be found by clicking here.

PDSA has done so much for ITP awareness, research and recognition. They worked very hard to get ITP Awareness Month recognized.
Their website has invaluable information for ITPers, caregivers and anyone who wants to know what ITP is. 

Thank you PDSA for all you have done and continue to do for us!!

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